Our rates are based on dividing HRM into zones. (see below) Our rate structure is as follows.
Note: Our rates are quoted one way below. Example: trip from dartmouth to halifax return $29.00 x 2 $68.00 hst included.

Standard Rates:

$29.00 – To move from one point to another within the same zone.

$39.00 – To move from one point to another where your starting point and drop off point are in two different (adjoining) zones.

$44.00 – To cross over one zone to get to another. $60.00 – Maximum rate to move within any of the 10 zones including the Halifax International Airport.

Charter Rates:

All areas outside the identified zones below are subject to a price quote from Need a Lift. Our quote will be based on the rates below.

-Up to 6 hours total charter service is available at a rate of $100.00 per hour
-Over 6 hours of charter service will be quoted as a full day charter at a rate of $750.00 per day
-If overnight stay is required there will be an additional charge of $125.00 for meals and accommodations.


Please review the zones and their boundaries below to determine where your pickup area and drop off area are.

Zone 1: Halifax Peninsula – bounded by Bedford Basin and Halifax Harbour from Fairview Cove along Joseph Howe Drive to Dutch Village Road to the Armdale Rotary.

Zone 2: Dartmouth Central – bounded by the Circumferential Highway by the Woodside through the Dartmouth Rotary back to the A. Murray MacKay bridge, along the Dartmouth waterfront back to Woodside.

Zone 3: Dartmouth/Cole Harbour – bound from the Dartmouth Rotary along Main Street out to Ross Road along Ross to Bisset Lake either side of Cole Harbour back to the Circumferential along to the Dartmouth Rotary.

Zone 4: Fairview / Clayton Park – bound by St. Margaret’s Bay road from Dutch Village road to Northwest Arm Drive to the Bicentenial Highway along to Kearney Lake road to the Bedford Highway along the Bedford Highway back to Joseph Howe drive.

Zone 5: Spryfield / Purcells Cove – bound by St. Margarets Bay road along the Purcell’s Cove road to Hebridean drive along to Herring Cove road to Lieblin drive to Old Sambro road to the Northwest Arm drive back to St. Margaret’s Bay road.

Zone 6: Lakeside / Timberlea – from the Northwest drive out the St. Margarets Bay riad to Greenwood Estates.

Zone 7: Westphal / Lake Major – from the Dartmouth Rotary out Main Street, to Lake Major road, along Lakeview road (Highway 118) back to the Dartmouth Rotary.

Zone 7: Shearwater / Eastern Passage – from the Circumferential highway out to South East Passage, Cow Bay road to Bisset road.

Zone 9: Bedford / Hammonds Plains – Hammonds Plains road to the Bicentennial Highway to Bedford bypass vack to the Magazine Hill back to Bedford.

Zone 10: Sackville – Highway 101 out to Lucasville road, Millwood Road to Beaverbank road to Beaverbank, Windsor Junction crossroad to the Bicentennial back to Cobequid road.